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October 29, 2013 • 3:58 pm

Where did they go? For a very reasonable answer, look at the noise about possible change to Senate voting. Who looks like making the decision? The relative presidents of the Labor and Liberal parties. Not the parliament or the AEC or a multi party committee but two power brokers.


October 29, 2013 • 5:33 pm

Well said – it will be a good day when articles with ideas for accomplishing that and changing the future outnumber those which repeatedly mourn the mistakes of the past or the dismal situation of the present.

The post was prompted by question directed to George Wright at his National Press Club address.

The Question was about possible changes to Senate Elections, after the success of minor parties at the 2013 Federal Election. The response suggested looking for a bipartisan response between Liberal and Labour.

I believe this highlights an inherent flaw in the democratic systems of Australian Democracy.

Over the course of this blog I would like to identify possible threats or weaknesses in our Democratic Processes and endeavour to find solutions. I blame mikisdad for giving me yet another project.

Help please, I am going to try and make this an exercise in crowd sourcing. A democratic process  to save our democracy if you please. I will endeavour to maintain regular postings given the restraints on my time. I recognise that this is a big call but I have to have a go.

Proposed schedule of Posts

1.    Identify possible threats to our Democratic system.

2.    Suggested methods of protecting our democracy.

3.    More detailed analysis of each threat and suggested remedies.

4.    Explore any possible blocks to getting action.

5.    Modify remedies in an attempt to lessen opposition.

6.    Develop strategies towards implementation.

“Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye”



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