Sloppy Journalism from Laura Tingle

Thank you Kaye, another major threat to Democracy.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Working days lost per quarter Here’s a question for you. Should we bother to comment on what we read or see or hear about politics from the mainstream media? On one hand, why pay them the compliment of caring what they say? On the other, no matter how trenchant or forensic a job I might be able do on something produced by a mainstream journalist, who will it persuade? Only perhaps politically engaged followers of social media, who already agree with me. So why waste my time?

On this occasion, I’m responding because reading Laura Tingle Abbott turns industrial relations from liability to potent weapon in the Financial Review made me so angry that I have to say something. My anger was further informed by reading Andrew Elder’s excellent article on ‘catch-up journalism’, commenting on the difference between what he calls ‘access journalism’ and ‘investigative journalism’. Tingle’s piece is a great example of…

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